How The Process Works

Step 1 – Contact

  1. Complete the contact form. Your Consultant will be in touch within 48 hours to arrange a time and date for your consultation.

Step 2 – Before the consultation

  1. Familiarise yourself with the different silhouettes available by reading The Perfect Shape For You . This will help in making decisions on the best shape of gown for your body type.
  2. Read carefully the Taking Measurements page. We recommend asking someone to help you with taking your measurements to ensure accurate readings.
  3. If you have any ideas, specific requirements or photos etc. please send them to your Consultant via email. This will allow your Consultant to prepare for the consultation in advance

Step 3 – The Consultation

  1. Your Consultant will contact you via Skype / WebEx / FaceTime / WhatsApp to conduct the consultation. Please allow for at least 60 minutes for the consultation
  2. Your Consultant will take details of all your requirements during this session and will be available to answer any questions you have
  3. Using their experience and expertise, your Consultant may also offer suggestions and recommendations to ensure you receive the best possible results

Step 4 – Confirmation

  1. After the consultation, you will receive;
  2.  If you decide to proceed with your order based on the Quote, you should advise your Consultant who will raise an invoice and send to you via email
  3. Your order will be placed once we receive your payment of 50% deposit
  4. Payment of the deposit will indicate your acceptance to our T&Cs

Step 5 – Making the Gown

  1. Once requirements are confirmed and the deposit has been paid, the process will begin to make your dream gown
  2. Your Consultant will work with a designer and dressmakers to ensure every detail is perfect and as per your requirements
  3. Your Consultant may contact you during this period for clarification on finer details
  4. Your gown will take up to three months to be made
  5. We advise orders to be placed no later than 5 months prior to the function date to allow for any unforeseen delays in production or delivery

Step 6 – Completion and Shipment

  1. Once the gown is ready, your Consultant will be touch to provide you with photos to ensure you are happy with your purchase
  2. You will then be required to pay the final balance on your order
  3. Your gown will be shipped to you via DHL once the funds have cleared

Step 7 – Enjoy your big day and live happily ever after

More Information

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